What is the Baja project?

In an effort to test components and prove the ability of electric cars to perform in extremely harsh terrains, we are building an off-road race car.

Combining efficiency and simplicity, it will be the first fully electric car to complete the legendary Baja 1000, a 1000 mile non-stop off-road race.


Baja 1000

A number of elements combine to make the Baja 1000 one the world's most challenging off-road races and earn it the title of Best Motorsports Race according to USA Today. The longest continuous off-road race in the world, it requires competitors to cross 1000 miles of every type of terrain. In 2017, only 200 racers finished out of 400 that started. No one has ever attempted this race in an electric car.


-3 phase AC electric motor 

-Under 100 lbs

-Capable of 200 kw  ( 268 hp) of power

-Capable of 790 nm ( 582 ft.lb.) of torque

-Regenerative braking


-Lithium -ion batteries

-342 volts

-200 amps continuous, 400 amps peak

-Total system power of 36 kw 

-Ability to swap batteries in just under 5 minutes 

Cooling system 

Electric street cars require minimal cooling systems, but this is not an ordinary car. To meet the demands of a desert race, temperature control is handled by three independent systems: 

-Low-viscosity oil cools and electrically insulates the motor.

-Batteries have a separate radiator and use glycol to maintain the optimal temperature for range and performance. 

-A final system cools the inverter that controls the power sent to the motor.


-Chassis made of Chromoly steel to survive the most demanding terrain

-Light weight of 2000 lbs allows for maximum efficiency

-10" of suspension travel in the front and 20" in the rear. 

-Range of approximately 70 miles with 38 kW

-Top off-road speed of 100 mph

-Battery packs can be swapped by one person

-No transmission

-Single gear differential


Tel: 619-410-8780

Located in 

Los Angeles, CA 

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